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Upon completion of our scope of practice courses, participants will develop and/or increase their business skills and knowledge in the operation of a professional cosmetology practice. Topics include: Management, Personality Types, Emotional Intelligence, Basic Taxation, Marketing, Retailing, social media, Website Essentials, Networking, Customer Service, Operations and more.


Salon Resources

What channels have you employed? This and others, is a question we ask our clients and prospects. The answers to these assist us in what direction to take our proposal. Consulting service may include advice, development and implementation of a traditional marketing communications plan, digital marketing plan, social media campaign or some combination of each.

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Need to increase your reach? Advertise here on the BeautyCE website and opt-in to place that same ad on our web-TV network MWMG.TV. We feature family friendly programming. Some life topics may be “viewer discretion advised” but for the most part anyone 13 and up who has an interest in a particular topic can safely watch.

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What We Believe

At the BeautyCE Institute we believe learning happens at the place of engagement. That is the foundation of learning. As graduates of higher learning, we personally understand that an engaged learner is a successful one. Our parent company, Altogether Marketing LLC, is leading the transition to the virtual classroom. We are all engaged for learning and instructing through the online learning.

More than education, our brand is part of a solid company offering the products and services you need to support and grow your business.

Altogether Marketing LLC was founded in 2007 by branding veteran Audrey M. Wiggins.

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