Transitioning to the Virtual Classroom

At the BeautyCE Institute we believe learning happens at the place of engagement. As graduates of cosmetology and higher learning, we personally understand that an engaged learner is a successful one. Our parent company, Altogether Marketing, is leading the transition to the virtual classroom.

See . Hear . Touch . Engage . Learn

Technology and Education

How we educate the public is quickly catching up with on-line accredited programs from many colleges and universities. Webinars, conferences, coaching and other training can be found on several sites across the world wide web. As the owner of Altogether Marketing and founder of the BeautyCE Institute, I am thrilled to be part of this growing norm. We understand that some parts of education must be done hands on or in a traditional classroom for proper interaction and learning, still other subjects can be taught through the new class room of eLearning. My sister, mother, aunt, grandmother and great-grandmother taught in the traditional class rooms of tiled floors, black boards, chalk, laddie pencils, ruled paper and ringing bells. I wonder what they would think of eLearning.

What’s your experience and opinion of on-line learning?